Sbc solid lifter valve lash spec

Jul 15, 2014 · Big Block Engine; Engine Years Bore Diameter Stroke Rod Length Main Bearing Diameter Rod Bearing Diameter Main Caps Journal Size Notes; 366T: 1968-90: 3.935: 3.76. "/>.

Doing 1 valve at a time, loosen the lock nut until the rocker tip starts knocking on the valve stem/push rods, then slowly tighten until it just stops making noise, and then tighten 1/4 turn further. Do all 16 valves and you're done. Now, there were other setups/engines that had solid lifters - those require lash setting.

You can take the "hot" setting given to you in your cam manufacturer's catalog or cam specification card and alter it by the following amount to get a "cold" lash setting: • Iron Block Iron Heads - Add .002? • Iron Block Aluminum Heads - Subtract .006? • Aluminum Block Aluminum Heads - Subtract .012?.




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sbc valve adj question. sbc valve adj question. By buZy ... Mechanical cams is the same as the first procedure mentioned except that you adjust to a lash specification which can be as little as .012 or as much as .030. Solid lifter cams typically produce 3 to 8 percent more torque than similar grind hydraulic cams through the rpm range, but for.

FWIW I have 2 engines with solids. Iron headed Chevy 350 Comp cam and Crane gold rockers, last time I adjusted was about 7 years ago. A 470 B stroker Trick Flow 240s and 440 Source rockers, checked them after dyno runs and ran the lash all good. Both have fairly mild cams in the 550 lift range and springs to match.